In August of 2014 I was sitting by my balcony at night, alone, crying to The Universe for a reason to persevere. I suppose The Universe has also ditched snail mail in the Modern Age, because I got my answer instantaneously. The images, concept, props, settings, story and soul of this Photobook flashed in my mind in a matter of seconds. It was as if I tapped into a hidden part of my brain, filled with creativity, vision, and clarity. 4 girls. 4 gold objects to symbolize the 4 parts of The Cycle of Life, My Life. What I had endured that summer. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and sketched out the cycle immediately with words and icons (I placed it in The Book as an homage to the aforementioned beautiful miracle/gift/moment). The following is taken directly from that first moment, the rare documentation of the birth of an idea…and personal metamorphosis.


“ ’The Story of My Life (Gold) : ’ A Photoshoot about what I perceive to be the most beautiful, yet potentially physically and mentally devastating natural occurrence; the Cycle of Love, of which the most supreme variety is self-love. If not this, the concept as a whole is really a whimsical and lighthearted take on the Cycle of Life, and more importantly happiness juxtaposed with depression.


Chaos ↔ Truth ↔ Release ↔ Love


The twist is that we through this cycle various times, habitually, perpetually, infinitely, and not just with people, but with material possessions, dreams (both fulfilled and unfulfilled), hopes, vices, etc. However, there is a caveat. The cycle has both the power to be positive and healthy -or- negative and damaging. It’s truly and ultimately up to the individual whether they want to, for example, unlock the happiness within or give way to the depression locked deep inside. SO, there will be TWO Photoshoots, one of Dark and one of Light.”


And so that summer I had a fling with the dark side. After that balcony moment, I chose to give the light side a try. My health skyrocketed, relationship rekindled, and my journey to pursue my dream in fashion hasn’t slowed since The Idea saved my life.




In April of 2014, I decided to leave Architecture – something I had studied for 4 years at a top school, practiced for just as much. I am writing this exposition of the heart + soul in December 2015, one year and eight months later to be precise. Don’t get me wrong, that needed to happen; it’s what makes me the guy who makes dresses in the wood shop and lasercuts glass to prepare for a Quasi-Architectural-Semi-Fashion-Esque Photoshoot. Needless to say, I was suddenly lost at the starting line once again, surrounded by anxiously concerned voices (my mother counts as two votes FYI). Now add on top of that being broken up with by the love of your life. And, just to make sure I got the point, the biggest medical scare of my life.


I was nostalgically sad. I was hypothetically sad for my seemingly abysmal, and potentially short-lived future life. I did not value myself, or a life I contemplated putting out of its misery at one particularly low point…everything. All physical, emotional, and mental health were spiraling downwards hand-in-hand with my inner fortitude, hope, will, and optimism.